Omega Supreme Records Tribute Mix

Each month, we’ll be presenting a “Label Tribute Mix”, where we highlight some of our favourite tracks from each label we celebrate.

This month, we’re featuring Portland’s Omega Supreme Records, quite possibly the most influential Modern Funk Label, when it comes to the musical (and aesthetics) foundation of the movement. Operated by Gwizski, the label has over 25 releases, on vinyl, tapes and digital format, and includes incredible releases (some considered as “holy grails”) by Sven Atterton, Sasac, Brian Ellis and Buscrates. 

Gwizski has been locating emerging Funk artists, from around the globe, for over 10 years, as he established the musical and aesthetic foundations for what Modern Funk would become, in a time where most didn’t care about a 115bpm slapper or a talkbox cover.



Buscrates – Juice feat. JP Patterson (2014)

Sasac – Telemark To The Alhambra (2013)

Midnight Runners – Drive Into The Night (2015)

Sven Atterton – Closer (2015)

Brian Ellis – Saito feat. Sasac (2015)

East Liberty Quarters – Mids (2018)

Turquoise Summers – Out From The Shadows (2014)

Henning – Peak Of Summer (2013)

L33 & Sven Atterton – Sunset (2013)

K-Maxx – Can’t Let You Go (2016)

Benedek – Saturday Jam (2013)

Buscrates – Natural force (2014)

Midnight Runners – Micro Boogie Island feat. Azumi (2015)

Sven Atterton – Starting Again (2015)

Turquoise summers – The Loneliest Groove (2014)

XL Middleton – Sunset On Sunset (2014)

K-Maxx – Music (2016)

Freekwency – Sweet Nothings (2015)