Voyage Funktastique | Show #204

First show of 2021, and this month’s show features new music from Morgan (Avant Garde Records), K-Maxx, First Touch (Voyage Funktastique), The Vapor Caves (Austin Boogie Crew), Ivan Makvel (The Sleepers Recordz), Mofak, Diamond Ortiz, Mad Honey (Space Grapes) and some exclusives.

From now on, the show will be focusing mainly on #ModernFunk, and will be 60 minutes and presented by Prime Source. Every third Sunday of the month, live on



Morgan – Enchanting (Instrumental)
Morgan – Enchanting
K-Maxx – Found You
K-Maxx – So Many Ways
First Touch – You Got It Baby
The Vapor Caves – Dreams
Ivan Makvel – About You (feat. Maya Killtron)
Ivan Makvel – Show The Way (feat. XL Middleton)
Diamond Ortiz – Fantasize (feat. Reality Jonez)
Mad Honey – Upward Bound
Morgan – You’re Gonna Love Me (instrumental)
Morgan – You’re Gonna Love Me
First Touch – Crampjuice
Mofak – Got What You Need
Mofak – GUN
? (soon on Prime Time Records & Tapes)