Benny Badge Tribute Mix | Modern Funk

For this month’s “Tribute Mix”, we celebrating Australia’s most prolific Modern Funk producer; Benny Badge. With his unique touch and aesthetics, the Aussie producer has been a staple household name of the Modern Funk scene for the past 10 years. Whether as Benny Badge, Freekwency, or with his group Silver Linings (among many other aliases), Benny has a solid grip of releases, and we picked 10 stand-out tracks from his catalogue. 



Splendour – It’s Too Late
Silver Linings – So Good To You
Fkeekwency – I Just Can’t Help Myself (feat. Francoise)
Au Dre – Wonder
Freekwency – Flip The Coin 
Nite Class – Love Scenes
Freekwency – Outrun
Freekwency – Your Touch (feat. Ale Chambers)
Splendour – Oasis Boulevard
Freekwency – Friend Or Freek (feat. Cazeaux OSLO)